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Beautiful colors, typography and design details make this website a shiny experience. Our pick this week.

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State of JavaScript 2022 Survey

The 2022 edition of the State of JavaScript survey is now open! Participate to help get more reliable and representative results.

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An Interactive Guide to Flexbox in CSS

Josh W Comeau created this action-packed interactive tutorial to Flexbox.

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Design Threads

A collaborative report unraveling the state of design today.

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The evolution of scalable CSS

A deep dive into the problems with scaling CSS on large projects. Understand the evolution of CSS best practices.

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Creating a 2D physics engine from scratch in JavaScript

Learn how to create a simple toy 2D Physics engine in JavaScript.

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Tree views in CSS

Learn how to create a tree view (collapsible list) using only HTML and CSS.

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Transparent videos for web

Yuri Artiukh shows how to make videos transparent for a super cool effect.

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Experimenting with layering, filtering, and masking in CSS

Jeff Zych dives into some very interesting CSS techniques that create stunning looking result.

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Transform your photos into beautiful works of watercolor art.

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A very cool website with some 3D goodness made in Webflow by Diego Toda de Oliveira.

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Layout & Grid in Design Systems

Brad Frost explores how hard, easy and weird grids for design systems are.

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With Postcard you can create a personal website with a newsletter.

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An incredible, ever-expanding animation scene depicting the everyday life of the 796th floor of the huge space station.

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Mathics is a free, open-source general-purpose computer algebra system featuring Mathematica®-compatible syntax and functions.

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The Spellcaster

The Spellcaster by Arno Di Nunzio is an amazing WebGL experience using Three.js.

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A very interesting article on forking Chrome to turn HTML into SVG.

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Making Static Noise From a Weird CSS Gradient Bug

Temani Afif explores some tricks that leverage a bug regarding the way CSS gradients handle sub-pixel rendering to create a static noise effect.

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Automatically Deploy Apps to VPS with Git Triggers & Coolify

An introduction to Coolify, a project that can deploy custom applications based on Git events. By Austin Gil.

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Almost monospaced: the perfect fonts for writing

Blake Watson explores using “almost” monospaced fonts for writing.

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The Joy of Windows Errors

A fun demo made by Jon Kantner.

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Inline Layout Switch Ideas

Two ideas for animating images from an inline layout to a column or grid-based one.

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